Freeway Park Wayfinding Symbols

A set of eleven symbols to aid in navigation through Seattle’s Freeway Park. Possible use cases include, but are not limited to, navigational signage, informational brochures, park publication necessities, etc.


Symbol Designer 
Poster Designer




Fountain Over a Freeway

Freeway Park, designed by Lawrence Halprin, was envisioned as a repsite from the city’s traffic, smells, and noises. The famous park is a groundbreaking feat of landscape architecture that mends the scar left on Seattle by U.S. Interstate Five.

Initial Research

My partner and I first focused on what the revitlization of what Freeway park could be. Freeway Park is overgrown and franlky unsafe compared its prime in the 1970s. In order to reinvirgorate community interest in the park, we concluded that wayfinding symbols would spur foottraffic, interest, and greater undertsanding of the confusing landscape.

Initial Iterations

After our research phase, my partner and I knew that we wanted to emphasize the Brutalist landscape architecture of the park. Our intial variations included solely right angles and no color. Moving foreward, we decided to shy away from strict brutalism and embrace color and curves, while still remaining consistent with the visual language of Freeway Park.